We are an online distribution channel for film makers from around Polynesia. 

We also offer a subscription service under NATANO and now offering rental service for those not looking to subscribe.

Our team consists of the following:

Vaifale Melvin Leavasa 
Twitter: @melvinleavasa

Joe Farani Faga
Twitter: @chocajoe

Iutisone Leavasa
Twitter: @ronzy_rams76

Ennoia Salevao
Twitter: @noia_salevao

Rojene Leavasa
Twitter: @Rojene

Film makers Benefits

Join our waka!

We offer Polynesian Film Makers the opportunity to work alongside us.

Natano Rentals is looking for Poly content to add to its offering. If you have short film, long film and or events, contact us NOW!

Please email the following to register interest:

Iutisone Leavasa
Support Manager

General Questions

Benefit 1 - Your movie is online within 24 hours of receiving

Benefit 2 - Your movie is available for sale 24 hours a day

Benefit 3 - We handle all the marketing at no cost

Benefit 4 - We take care of all the technical stuff :)

Benefit 5 - You price your movie in USD

Benefit 6 - We share the revenue 50/50 split after expenses 

Benefit 7 - No contracts, you can cancel your movie anytime                             after the last day of active rental